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On the OwnWay consultancy portal we publish articles describing experience our consultants have gained in their respective practices. They write about what helped their customers, how they have become successful and got the results, how their workers´ thinking have been transformed and so on. The reader can make their choice from two principal spheres of interest: CORPORATE (focused on management, business, work with employees, etc.) and PERSONAL (issues regarding personal lives and development). Articles can be filtered by the industry, consultant and method.

How to select the consultant

Not everyone cut out to be a consultant…

A consultant is very often “a front-line fighter“; although they can…

how to choose a consultant

Je drahé poradenství?

Are consultants expensive?

All folks are curious to know how much a consultant is. We still tend to compare,…

price consultant, HR consulting

Analysis of investment efficiency

Investment analysis

The company´s development in its respective stages cannot do without investment.  Making the right…

financial analysis, capital

Personalized printing

Personalized printing

Are you in need of sending out thousands of letters that include groups of different signatures or customer…

sRGB printing, business cards

Printing of business cards and labels

Printing of business cards and labels

These days, no manager can do without business cards. There is no such negotiation…

quality printing, cheap color

Digital printing

Digital printing

Digital printing(low-edition printing) has increasingly been used in practice. It is especially suitable for…

Corporate Printing, drawings

Offset - color registr

Offset printing

Offset printing is based on application of liquid color inks in successive steps. It is very suitable for high…

printing, print quality

Management game

How managerial skills and games impact…

Any business that is being built rationally, that wants to prosper in the long term,…

management game, elite

Psychodrama for individuals

Psychodrama for individuals

Psychodrama is a very effective psychotherapeutical method. The client can use this…

positive thinking

Psychodrama in a group

Psychodrama in a group

Psychodrama helps people get rid of psychological and other problems. It takes advantage of role-playing like at…

psychology, psychotherapy

Law on Archives and Records Service

Law on Archives and Records Service

The Law on Archives and Records Service describes the work with and the protection…

archiving, records management

Process oriented organization according to ISO 9001: 2000

The ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management…

The ISO 9001:2000 standard defines the requirements on the quality management system…

ISO 9001, ISO 9004, quality

Consultancy Business has changed - should bring profesional services

Consultancy business has changed

The business world of today can no longer afford to get a mere piece of advice, a…

advisor, counseling

Mediation – resolving disputes

Which disputes are fit to be settled…

It is never late to begin searching for the solution to a problem or the settlement…

resolving the dispute, conflict

Vision and strategy is the basis of business

Void of vision and strategy equals bad…

Most entrepreneurs begin their career with an idea that they think they can make…

vision, strategy, target

DMAIC Methodology - the basis of six sigma

Lean Six Sigma – 12 queries and replies

An ever-increasing pressure on efficiency and quality, a need to expedite deliveries…

six sigma, lean manufacturing

How a mediator works

How a mediator works

Helping to settle other people´s disputes is a no simple task. The disputing parties themselves do not know…

mediation, the dispute

Porterův model konkurenčních sil

Analysis of competitive threats and…

Today even smaller companies are able to knoc out much bigger firms which often…

Porter's model of competitive

Mediation - agreement possible

Agreement possible? Yes – in two cases…

A cardinal argument for mediation is the number of disputes this intelligent mode of…

mediation, labor disputes

Mediation - an effective dispute solution

Being at a loss how to resolve an issue…

Mediation is a method how to resolve conflicts quickly and in a cultivated manner,…

conflict resolution





Advisor ideas

„Do not trust people saying they did EVERYTHING, when you did not see them CONCENTRATE.“ more >>

Jiří Střelec Jiří Střelec

To fix a problem well implies full concentration. Engaging all of your capabilities. Visualizing the knowledge we applied years back. Combining everything and finding truly the best solution. Sadly, many of today´s problems are complex ones and any second best solution amounts to losses. Each solution deserves deep concentration. Nowadays, managers are advised to watch how their workers approach problem solving. Unless they have seen full concentration in their faces, they cannot be sure the workers have done their best.

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