You often hear people say - Do be positive! Think positive! This is the way out of your problems. Except that people are largely bound to hear this phrase when they are not doing very well, when they are challenged by serious problems. Their employees keep making mistakes that their customers do not wish to fix let alone pay for. Or when you discover that the partner you love has taken a money loan and is not paying it off. What is it that makes you think positive then?

Positive thinking is really a great remedy for a whole range of challenges. It gives you hope of new, better situations. However, it should not be taken for a universal redemptive belief that, one way or another, everything is going to turn out all right, or that positive thinking is actualy all we will ever need. No, we need to keep working and not only on our lives, but newly also on the positive thinking.

Do not lose your head  

Initially, when you have just learned about a major problem that concerns yourself, a wave of negativism may rise in your mind. You may start getting thoughts like the following ones: 

  • They have screwed it up again.
  • They are never going to learn anything. 
  • I have told them a thousand times and they have done it their way again. 
  • This time my customer is going to kill me. 
  • ...

Surely you may find loads of such expressions yourselves. On my part, I do not wish to enumerate more of these here. Some of these phrases may already start ringing a bell: there is a problem that has not been solved and keeps showing up. Or more precisely, its cause has not  been fixed. It is mostly in situations like this when your colleague wants to help you and says: „Do not get overwhelmed by that, think positive!“ Well, a choleric will get a rush of adrenaline into their veins, and even though they like that colleague of theirs, at a moment like this, they would rather land a punch on his nose. Please, do not! Help is not offered to be turned down. You had better find way how to get back to the positive thinking mode, when you have been in a very negative situation. 

Specific positive steps

If you feel like you are getting a negative thought, STOP. Have a look at your own positive thought, picture or work. Then begin searching for a positive solution only. One that helps create values. One that helps people develop and improve their own attitudes. It is always better to lose 30 minutes searching and tuning to a positive note rather than get yourselves weakened through negative thoughts that one keeps going over, thus strenthening their negative impact. Rest assured that even the folks around you do not wish to hear you lamenting over the same problems all over again. 

Once you have taken the decision, get a pencil and a sheet of paper, and start making a list of specific steps to promote positive thinking. You will come across loads of possibilities. Here is a couple of recommendations from us: 

  • Read positive articles
  • Follow positive news
  • Take interest in concrete things - things that can be proven and implemented 
  • Meet positive people in your neighborhood and socialize with them
  • Be assured things will come out all right if you work hard on them
  • Keep a lookout for success stories
  • Create positive situations (even artificially)
  • Use positive language - words such as success, fulfilled, well, ... ...
  • Tell stories of positive outcome
  • ...

There are lots of specific steps to take. Find those that suit you best. Consider the fact that negativism leads to inactivity. On the contrary, positive thinking leads to activity and being pro-active. Yet being positive does not equal headlessly embarking on high-risk assignments. 

No work - no positive result

Since childhood my parents had been telling me that nothing goes of its own accord. The same holds true in the present day, the times are fast, full of changes, disagreements, problems, complex legislation, unjust verdicts, and those who are supposed to be role models are just media images spreading no real values into the society. Now it si time we started search for positive ways and solutions. It is them alone that people will happily join. For nobody needs to cooperate with a team of negativists and those who coin words beginning with protest letters only. 

You may start working on your positive thinking RIGHT NOW, as you read this article. Try the following procedure:

  1. Define what makes you feel positive (a view of a golf course, your wife´s smile ...)
  2. Create positive pictures in your environment (at home, in the office, in the shop, ...)
  3. Define situations and problems that largely make you take a negative stance
  4. Then go through the situations listed and look for their root causes 
  5. Working with positive people, search for positive solutions, eliminate the causes
  6. Implement those solutions
  7. Write down positive phrases for potential negative situations
  8. Remember to relax following a challenging performance 

Please, cultivate your positivism until, in specific situations, you feel you can tell when to get angry and when to support the situation through your own positive mood. Knowing how to get angry is also useful, because, mind you, most people will learn more from unpleasant situations than from the pleasant ones. There is, however, a limit: your anger should not weaken your inner integrity or wander beyond the rules of decent behaviour towards others. 

Feel free to send us your tips.

By no means we have exhausted all the possibilities how to become a positive person. Please, send us more of your tips as part of the blog, for instance. Thank you.