It is their customers who should speak for the consultant. In its new version, OwnWay is laying the maximum emphasis on results, customer satisfaction and, primarily, an untraditional way of learning the knowledge. In the first place, we highly value testimonials that the customers of OwnWay consultants are willing to provide. But there is more. Our portal should be helping people look for the solution, their own way to success. Whoever cannot cope with their situation can take advantage of our consultants´ network. 

After seven years OwnWay is introducing a new version of its consultancy portal. And it does not concern only a different graphics as we are also introducing a new philosophy and the fundamental principles for consultancy. We provide consultancy services in a non-traditional way, so our consultancy portal should be non-traditional as well. Playful, but simultaneously it should indicate that our lives´ paths can become easier and lead to better results, if supported by the latest expertise of professionals in their respective fields.

Planting a thought, harvesting the fruit

Consultants should be independent, knowledgeable professionals who know how to identify the real needs of their customers and teach them how to reach those needs effectively. A consultant´s tool of preference is his or her thoughts. A thought that captures the customer´s imagination has a good chance of implementation. Everything begins with our thoughts. You find inspiring thoughts in sliders under the left column and with each consultant too. As you move the cursor over a thought, its brief explanation as well as its author´s name will open up for you.

A thought is just the beginning of a journey, our personal journey of learning on which we set out every day. At times we have to knock our way through everyday lives on our own or with a little help from our friends. Friends, however, may not be experts on a given problem. What we will learn tends to be frank, well-meant advice with no guarantee of expertise rather than anything else. We bring you the way of learning that begins in the search box. Search for whatever you might need. If you feel like contacting a professional consultant for a given field of specialization, they will be happy to help you.

Ask our clients for testimonials

For us, consultants, trust is everything. Without trust there is no good cooperation with the customer. Making the new customer trust a stranger is very hard indeed, which is why we have chosen to buttress the trust with responsibility. For our clients we do our best. This is a well-know phrase. However, in OwnWay consultants, it means that, having finished their work for the client, they ask them for a testimonial in writing on their company paper and signed by the responsible officer. Such is the testimonal to appear on the OwnWay portal in the strip below the sliders. You are free to click your way through the testimonials up to the consultant who actually did the work. Also, you can ask the consultant for the customer´s phone number for a personal inquiry about issues of interest. (Note: the customer´s prior consent is required.)

Through play and cooperation to better results

As consultants we keep cooperating and looking for ways how to make the customers adopt “serious, professional methods and rules“ non-traditionally through play and fun. We prepare training sessions that are not like a lecture full of theoretical information; we prepare a specific environment, situations in which the customer:

●  discovers,

●  tries out,

●  masters new knowledge first,

●  and then utilizes it for success in their business or personal life.

We consistently make sure that the training sessions are modelled on specific, real cases the participants are just busy solving in their company. While on the training, they resolve the given problem in theory. Then they are responsible to finalize putting the effective solution into practice in the workplace. It is the professional responsibility of our consultants to check later if that did happen. So we closely cooperate with the management to find and prove new success stories. Subsequently, we communicate every success into the company, but possibly on the OwnWay portal as well. Thus, you can find there articles written by the workers of our customers too. This is another OwnWay mission ‒ everything is based on practical experience.

Keeping abrest of the latest trends

The OwnWay portal never sleeps adding new articles, methods described, testimonials and other issues of interest from the practice. Every time our consultants run across a problem that appears repeatedly, they prepare a new article or an offer dealing with precisely that. So the consultancy portal is adherent to the current practice and the consultants to the needs of their customers. If you want to be briefed on every change, please fill your e-mail in “the newsletter subscribtion“ box in the master green toolbar at the top of the portal. Please remember to confirm the enclosed link in an e-mail that you will be sent, thank you.