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Crisis management (crisis management) differs significantly from ordinary management. While management routinely seeks to stabilize, grow, develop, invest, and make a profit, crisis management in difficult situations, emergencies, seeks to survive and survive. Crisis management should be part of every management so that the company is prepared or prevents crisis situations. In this section, you will find articles from consultants who have participated in or resolved crisis situations with their customers. These include crisis plans, scenarios, crisis communication, restrictive action, etc.

Right employer pandemic COVID 19

Information for employers in the state…

Almost no one in the Czech Republic has experienced a pandemic. This is a completely…

law, employers, pandemics

Not punish unfairly executives

A blanket restriction from the crisis…

Management in a crisis situation very often reach for blanket measures. For example,…

key workers, crisis

Real manager for temporary company management

Quick changes professionally - REAL…

The basis of management is the experience and knowledge that the company needs for…

interim manager, change

Sense of the crisis

A story to make sense of the crisis

An appetite for easy earning may cause all of our resources and reserves to run out.…

finance crisis, money





Advisor ideas

„An honest consultant only charges for the work done.“ more >>

Jiří Střelec Jiří Střelec

A lot of entrepreneurs have experienced cooperation with consultants who start their “stop-watch“ from the moment they  greet them  “Good morning, …“. Their billing includes the small talk about how the business is going or even breaks. An honest consultant charges only for the period in which they were using their expertise for the customer´s  benefit. It means the time when they analyze, seek the solution, lecture, train, etc. 

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