Those who know how to implement changes into the company professionally and fast have a significant advantage. Implementing a change, though, equals overcoming major obstacles placed by own workforce, hard-to-die habits as well as rigid processes. A lager-scale change mostly takes one year to implement. With our Real manager and a team of advisors it can be done in mere months.  

Making a change in the company means to oppose the established attitudes, habits, standardized processes. You simply remove  blinders people wear and you need to explain to them that doing things “differently“ will be better. That might not be readily accepted by those of your colleagues who have known you and cooperated with you for years. For the changes bring about a temporary loss of “old certainties“ and “new certainties“ are still no more than a distant promise.  

In addition, you, like anybody else in their respective environments, wear blinders, too. Professional implementation of changes equals, first, looking for the best solution for the company´s future without bias, second, looking for ways to implement changes so that people can embrace them more easily. The current management frequently do not consider some solutions just because they do not believe such changes could be made with the existing workforce.  

The Real | Interim manager in a single team with external advisors

We are fully aware of the advantages and disadvantages of consultancy work. As we are of the interim manager´s work. Our network, however, gives us a chance to combine the advantages of the interim manager (whom we call the real manager as they have to do real work with the client on a daily basis), external advisor or lecturer. 

Our Real manager, in keeping with your contract specification and needs, may, to begin with, invite an advisor with the required specialization for a quick situation analysis. Likewise, in the course of their work, he or she uses external advisors who participate in the work even if with as little as 1 hour a month time equivalent. The client is duly kept informed about everything. When it is appropriate, the advisor, in collaboration with the Real manager, prepares tailor-made training for employees. He or she knows the client already, so they can go right to the heart of the matter. Thus, the advantages of the Real manager and the advisor combine for the benefit of the client and, mainly, for the future of the company.  

The manager suitability

The Real management is a service only suitable for a limited period of time. The thing is to prepare the needed changes in the company shortly, thus creating a new environment. At the same time, the Real manager prepares the „local“ management to lead the company in this new environment. The Real manager, for instance, holds a pre-defined managerial position for 3 months assisting the owner or the informed management in implementing the changes and troubleshooting. It is appropriate to use the Real manager in the following situations: 

  • starting up a new company 
  • launch  of a separate project that has to be linked with the company´s existing system 
  • introduction of a brand into the market
  • expansion of a company/brand 
  • restructuring of the comapny systems: 
    • individual departments
    • entire companies  
    • mutual cohesion 
  • modifications of the company´s setting
  • enhancement of the training effectivity – daily briefing, motivation and supervision
  • ... feel free to contact us regarding other possibilities ...

REAL | INTERIM MANAGER – system of work

The Real manager´s system of work is different from the one of the classic interim managers. We take advantage of the capacity of the network of specialized advisors, which is why our course of action is as follows:  

  1. Signing the confidentiality agreement  - all the participants first sign the confidentiality agreement and make the client familiar with their conditions of cooperation. 
  2. Introductory analysis and planning – the owner, the Real manager and selected advisors get together. The advisors help to establish effective plans to meet the desired target. 
  3. Implementation plans, communication and trainings approved – we see implementation of changes as a pretty complex matter that is supposed to generate a new business environment in the company. It should help the workers take advantage of the changes. 
  4. The Real manager to do the implementation with the external advisors – if need be – assisting them continuously 
  5. Monthly performance evaluation  -  the company owner to be informed continuously on the results and changes. If needed, there will be official performance evaluation at least once a month with advisors in attendance. The reason for that is to react correctly and adequately to changes during the implementation process and be able to optimize the next steps. 
  6. Staff training – If organized, the training sessions will be held under the supervision of the advisors or the Real manager. 
  7. Final evaluation of the goals achieved and recommendations for the company´s future development  – no leaving without recommendations. 

The benefits of the Real manager

The Real manager, apart from the fact that they have to achieve the defined goals (outputs), brings:  

  • Independent and unbiased  viewpoint
  • Objective solution
  • Constructive approach to problem-solving
  • Matter-of-fact search for the solution
  • Help only when and while you need it
  • Great potential of knowledge and experience  
  • Managerial capacity  
  • Specific know-how of the team of advisors 

 The Real manager economically speaking 

The essential question that needs to be answered is how much the Real manager´s work costs. Let us try to compare the average cost of the interim manager, own manager and then the Real manager as part of our offer. 

INTERIM manager   OWN manager   REAL manager

CZK 20 – 30.000 daily

CZK 400 – 600.000 monthly


Salary plus indispensible costs of managerial work 

CZK 120.000 monthly

  CZK 90.000 monthly

Comparing the costs of your own manager, you have to include at least the items presented in the table below.  Moreover, we do not consider here the potential necessity of severance pay, in case the manager did not fit your picture of a manager.  



Gross salary

Legal mandatory payments

Costs of car-leasing

Cost of car operation

 Expense allowance, travel costs

Lap-top computer

Phone calls

Hospitality fund

Monthly costs  TOTALL















Monthly saving


Real Manager quotation price

The price is established according to how challenging, time-consuming  and complex the individual projects are and, of course, according to the company size. The price oscillates around the mark of CZK 90.000 a month. If advisors are employed along the way, the client only pays for work they have really done within the communication system at the rates they name individually.  

Feel free to send us your problem and we will propose the optimal calculation.