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Counseling (advisor)

Depth and emphasis of auditing - the common practise in Czech Republic

How to recognize auditor quality work - depth and emphasis

Internal auditors help to develop and improve the company. However, is there any way of knowing, for a non-auditing manager, whether or not the certification…

Counseling (advisor)

Proceedings can be expressed (for easier memorization) acronym 3P - identify, understand, advise.

How are you managing?

In Moravia, this is the question with which you tend to approach a good friend. Translated, it means something like „how are you doing, how are you, how…

Counseling (advisor)

Preparation of the small-scale company ISO 9001, AS 9100 .. management system

Preparation of the small-scale company (ISO) management system

Each entrepreneur who decides to expand their business from a one-man company up will soon feel the need for a system which would coordinate the work of their…

Counseling (advisor)

Hledáme si vlastní cestu - novodobé poradenství

Finding our own way

We find our own way both in our professional careers and elsewhere – relationships, family as well as in our private hobbies. Under this name you can…

Counseling (advisor)

We have figured out how much smoking costs the employer.

How much does smoking cost the employer?

Would you believe the employer voluntarily donates their smoking employees a yearly bonus amounting to just short of CZK 15.000,-? We would. We have calculated…

Counseling (advisor)

Poradenství - drahé tlachání nebo přínos

Consultancy: how to proceed in order to avoid a mere costly patter

Consultancy in various branches of business provided for entrepreneurs and managers may initially look like an easy way of making money. No need for any…

Counseling (advisor)

Responsibility of advisor must be strong

Consultant´s responsibility

It might seem the consultant bears responsibility for nothing, just talking to the client. What a beautiful business it would be  -  costs next to…

Counseling (advisor)

How to select the consultant

Not everyone cut out to be a consultant - consultant´s TOP 5 FEATURES.

A consultant is very often “a front-line fighter“; although they can prepare for 90% of the negotiating situations, there is always the unexpected…

Counseling (advisor)

Je drahé poradenství?

Are consultants expensive?

All folks are curious to know how much a consultant is. We still tend to compare, unfairly though, the work done by an employee with the work done by a…

Counseling (advisor)

Consultancy Business has changed - should bring profesional services

Consultancy business has changed

The business world of today can no longer afford to get a mere piece of advice, a recommendation or a report from the consultant orthe consulting company, just…

Counseling (advisor)


Why managers dislike planning?

Have you ever encountered a situation in which a company is left without any plan, or with workers preparing just partial activities in their tables? I have…

Counseling (advisor)

Poradenství - výběr zákazníka

Do you know how to choose your customer?

How to apply the tree of decision in the consulting business, or else Do you know how to choose your customer? A careful selection of customers is a key…

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