Effectively prepared management system need not fear ISO 9001 changes, for example also 2015. Correctly processed map of processes, individual processes (for example in the flow-chart form) make possible finding: all needed information, direction of the changes and process of risks analysis.

History of management system – according to ISO

Let me a small excursion into history. The original standard´s version contained 20 descriptive chapters. It´s application into praxis was reasonably complicated and it´s process-oriented approach was hardly looked for. Up-to date guilty revision (from 2008) „put“ on process-oriented approach nowadays. The standard contains 8 chapters, included 5 descriptive chapters. If the descriptions were correctly set into the processes and if the responsibility for processes-direction  and metrics for productivitie´s following were clearly defined – I mean that the company must win in the present time.

The new standard ISO 9001:2015 contents 10 chapters, 7 descriptive included. If there is a deeper looking at individual chaptors structure, then we can not find out too many differences versus up-to date guilty standard. Some requirements are watered down and emphasized in more chapters, some requirements will be more taken in account. There are new facts, as „documented information“ , but I mean personally there is no reason to fear.

The problems can arise in  case of documented systems (which are classicly described in „Quality manual“) and then itemized in guidelines and documented methods of down level. In my opinion there is a fear that if the companies want to keep up documentation´s structure in this form, than they must probably change documented methods.

ISO – Interactive Business Model

If management system has to be update described than the system asks for using of SW means. The process is markedly faster and makes hypertext link´s possible. Using of system, looking for information and realisation of changes are quite easy and fast. Such a system is very easy for using in a tablet or in a smart phone. The company saves days in a year and also costs.

Those described systems rise very much to the task in companies and each employee (on various  management level) is very much able to work with them. It is true that the certified auditors don´t have enough experience with such systems and it may be difficult fot them to find the looking information during the audit. The auditors were used to rummage many documents up to date and if you introduce clearly and shortly documented system – so they may feel it is not possible it is everything, that something has to be missed there.The auditors easily don´t like such a shortly documented system. In this case there is the important role of advisor or management employee in order to introduce the required information.

We could see the shocked auditor, who got only a thin workbook and one PDF file (instead of some fat folders). He cried in the first moment, that something like this can´t fullfil ISO requirements. The auditor left without only reminder and complimented the system (after the finishing of audit). The system has to respect easily entrepreneurial client´s intention and help to achieve business goals easily. The system is not orientad for ISO readers.

To be able to direct the processes effectively, so it is needy to set criterions and indicators for their evaluation. The followed outputs are evaluated and regularly followed during system´s following up (by management). The processes – which run well and manage increase of productivity – I follow and direct. On the contrary: those processes which bring some problems, I target to and check their acitivities: in the form of internal audits, corrective or preventive measures and so on.

I can  ensure that betting on the modern interactive system must pay in the end.

The system along the advisors of OWN WAY

We have been providing the model approach (of system ISO 9001) for years. The whole system is to seen in the only interactive PDF – easily kept up and scaned. See a small comparison:

New requirement ISO 9001:2015 System ISO along OWN WAY´s advisors Action for our clients
No Quality manual The Quality manual have been existing only as A4 side with introduction to the system. No fat book, but explanation of business activities of client The change is not needy
Documented information All needed information and notes (which the worker really needs) are in the flow-chart (specification in the only overview) The change is not needy
Emphasis on risks´s direction The risks have been termed in the flow-charts for years (the flow-charts are joined with risks analysis) The change is not needy
... ... ...

From this overview and the required changes ISO 9001:2015  at the same time we may have been ahead of our time. In any case - out clients need not fear anything.